The Tell Tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe

by missvallene

Tonight – a CREEPY story!

I’ve always loved this one by Edgar Allan Poe, classically scary. I remember reading it first back in junior high and watching a short film interpretation of it that really freaked me out.

I’ll admit that I had a few glasses of wine before recording and that, as a result, in trying to get sufficiently into character, I may have stepped into the realm of over-the-top and cheesy instead of staying in my intended place at a simple creepy. But you tell me.

For best results, listen to this story in a dark room, with a single candle flickering before you on whatever surface at hand, be it a table, counter-top, breakfast tray, or the floorboards under which you have deposited the remains of that neighbor who wouldn’t stop bothering you about mowing your lawn.

Enjoy and, as always, feel free to leave me requests of your own favorite stories.