The Kiss by Kate Chopin

by missvallene

Hello, dear listeners! I’m pleased to welcome you to my second storytime reading. Tonight’s will be rather short, but quality and quantity are two very different things, am I right?

My first introduction to Kate Chopin was in a college lit class a few years ago where I read three short stories of hers. Since then, she has held a place in my file-cabinet of good writers to be revisited. Reading tonight’s story inspired me to do some research, so here’s a one-sentence overview of what I found out about her: Chopin, an author of the late 1800s, wrote fiction that focused on the lives of women and, unlike many other works of that time in history, presented these women as strong and independent, which caused quite a controversy among “respectable” readers. If you aren’t familiar with her stories, I’m excited to be the first to introduce you! I will probably be reading more of her stories later on in the podcast, so get psyched!

Enjoy, and once again, feel free to make requests!